Volunteering with The Society

Volunteers Voice Newsletter

You can follow the link here to our newsletter dedicated to all things volunteering.

Why volunteer with us?  Lots of good reasons:

  • Meet people
  • Have fun
  • Help others and feel useful
  • Do something different
  • Gain new experiences and skills
  • Build self confidence

What help do we need?

Walking Group
Can you help our Lead Walker, Michael, in supporting clients on a monthly walk?
Transport is a major issue for many of our clients currently, and now we are restricting to one passenger per vehicle it's even more of a challenge!  Can you help?
General reception duties, answering the phone, sending out reminders, links via text/phone calls/letters for appointments, groups and events.
Fundraising Ideas
Our Fundraising Committee are looking for new ideas for fundraisers and events as the world of fundraising has changed - why not come along to a meeting and have a chat & see if it's for you?
Computer Based Tasks
Are you comfortable with spreadsheets/database/word?  We are looking for volunteers to help update spreadsheets, graphs, database cleansing.
Is there a budding journalist lurking inside you?  Would you be interested in collecting articles/interviewing people?  Or maybe you would prefer being involved in the preparation and production side of our newsletters, including recording, copying etc.
Tech Facilitator
With all this 'Zoom' talk, our Group leaders would really welcome some support in 'bringing people in from the Waiting Room', telling people to unmute as well as setting up the meetings.  Have you become an expert over the past 12 months??  Why not use that skill to support in this varied role.

How much do I give?

That's up to you!  Most people start by volunteering a few hours a month.  You can always add more later.